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Autohaus Lancaster, Inc. Ratings and Reviews

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Chris Armstrong | PA | 2015-12-17

"Have had fantastic experiences with Ryan Sigel. Great product knowledge, great salesperson."

Bill Roberts | PA | 2015-12-17

"They are the BEST. I live about five hours away. I purchased my Porsche Boxster over the phone and the internet. Worked with Mr. Wade, e-commerce manager, Ms. Julie Shenk in sales and Mr. Denton Myers in Finance. What a great team. I received a great price on my trade. The Porsche was as described to me. Ms. Shenk gave me all the time I needed to go over the controls of the car. They are the best. Bill"

Andreas Haun | PA | 2015-12-17

"Subject: Amazing customer service at Lancaster Autohaus Porsche Please allow me to share a short story about some amazing customer service. My wife and I live in New Brunswick Canada and bought a 1999 Boxster, sight unseen in Guelph Ontario, about 950 miles or 1500km away from us. We flew out to pick up the car and headed straight down towards Lancaster PA USA for a two week vacation in Virginia. On our second evening our airbag light came on so the next morning we headed straight to Lancaster Porsche where we were greeted by Brian Klecko. We shared our problem with him, including that we had owned the car for less than a week and knew virtually nothing about it beyond what the carfax has provided. At this point I need to provide some back round information on the environment Mr. Klecko was working in that morning. it was 9AM on a Friday morning, Lancaster County was under a heavy rain warning and flood watch. Roads were being blocked and schools closed due to the weather. The phone system at the dealership was acting up and the computer system was constantly going down, all due to the storm. One Porsche technician was away on training so they were short staffed, the waiting room was full, and I overheard a regular customer come in and ask if she could get something looked at right away. (not a scheduled appointment). In light of all that, it would be reasonable to expect that two people from away that you would almost certainly never see again or sell anything to would be on the bottom of the list, if indeed you would try and deal with them at all. Not Mr. Klecko, he said he would do what he could, apologized that it might be a bit of a wait and offered to drive us to a nearby diner in case we were, or became, hungry. Sitting in the waiting room I was impressed with how he always seemed to have time for every customer, listened to concerns, took time to explain things, all while dealing with the various other issues, especially the internet. Barely an hour later he came to see us. Our car was ready. The scan had shown it was a seat belt issue that had tripped the airbag light. It required a part that was not in stock so they had reset the light and we could carry on with our vacation. We should see a dealer in the near future to have this dealt with and yes, the light might come on again down the road but not to worry. But wait, this was not all, since it was a new to us vehicle he took the time to print off a maintenance schedule chart for us to take, and reviewed major and important items complete with explanations why (change brake fluid every two years as it gets very hot and you don't want corrosion to set in). He also ran a VIN check to ensure there was nothing outstanding on the service record we should be aware of. The final bill for all this, zero, not a cent. As he put it, they just scanned it, could not solve the problem so no charge, thanks for being patient and have a great rest of your vacation. This is legendary service under less than ideal working conditions that needs to be shared and recognized. I now frequently use this example in my work! The result of all this is a very happy customer and while this dealership is 750 miles or 1,200 km away from us, my wife and I are planning a spring trip to the area so we can have the 60,000 mile, 100,000 km service done there, and yes, this time we will make an appointment! . Regards, Andreas Haun"

Mike | PA | 2015-12-17

"I just purchased a 2014 Cayenne S from Autohaus and I was very pleased with every phase of the transaction. The price was fair, the guidance as to options was very helpful, and everything from placing the order to delivery went smoothly."

Barbara Flesch | PA | 2015-12-17

"Barbara Flesch 2 months ago- I was in the market for a new SUV and was deciding between an Audi Q5 and a Porsche Cayenne. Despite other reviews, I was promptly greeted by the friendly sales staff who walked me though the process of deciding between the two vehicles. They did not pressure me into purchasing the more expensive vehicle which was refreshing. I appreciated the knowledge and professionalism of the sales staff and financing team. Dean in sales and Angie in the finance department made my experience enjoyable and memorable. I could not have been any happier with the service I received at Autohaus Lancaster and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle. They had excellent pricing and I left a happy Cayenne customer! Great pricing and top notch service is tough to beat. I am looking forward to my yearly service appointments."

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