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Autohaus Lancaster, Inc.

Sportscar Together Day: June 9

Celebrating 70 years of Porsche

Every Porsche regardless of the form, age, or quantity of doors, is a sports car. And a sports car is more than a typical car. Its spirit is built on shared experiences and memories: accelerating together, cornering together, and laughing together. Moments, so valuable and exciting that you want to share them with others. Moments that fascinate and last a lifetime. Porsche knows these moments better than any other brand. Ferry Porsche's dream of the perfect sports car has always been fueled by experiences shared with others, from the roots in motorsport, to our Porsche Clubs, and Porsche Experience Centers. The 70th birthday of the brand will be celebrated on June 9 and is an essential reminder and celebration of our brand history and heritage, and the community of owners and enthusiasts who share our passion.

Join us for a light European-style breakfast at our Porsche showroom from 9:30AM to start a day-long bash. We’ll form a Porsche caravan to the Hershey Hillclimb, where Chasing Classic Cars will be filming throughout the entire weekend. We’ll have a tent, refreshments, gifts and prizes ready while you to watch The Grand Ascent hillclimb. Think of it as a blend between a family birthday party and a block party meshed with a cars & coffee and a concours d'elegance.